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Frequently Asked Questions

I am currently purchasing unbranded product that is similar in pricing to Liberty. What is the incentive to convert?
The value of purchasing from Liberty is a secure supply with a competitive pricing structure. Transportation logistics are simplified because you can load all products from one terminal. Furthermore you become part of a rapidly growing network brand with a distinct premier image.

What's the term of your contract?
Our contracts typically run for three years.

What do I have to do before I begin pumping Liberty gas?
Once you've been approved as a Liberty distributor and a confirmation of credit has been received, we will establish your supply arrangement. Reimaging the station with price sign, canopy image, dispenser graphics, etc. can be accomplished quickly.

Today I have an independent brand, and I am using another firm to process my credit and debit cards. Do I need to switch?
All Liberty distributors benefit when we all use the Liberty processor. However, there may be special circumstances where an alternative might make sense, although they must cover the full range of cards that Liberty accepts. We can prepare a cost-benefit analysis to guide your decision.

Can I get an exclusive territory?
Yes, exclusive territories are available in rural and semi-rural areas, but not in major cities. As part of securing an exclusive territory, you will need to develop a joint three-year growth plan including capital allocation, number of stations, maintenance of station image and appearance, and forecasted market share.

I have my own C-store identity. Can I continue to use it?
Yes. Liberty endorses and encourages you to stay with your current identity. After all, that represents brand equity that you have built over the years and is recognized in the community.

When I rebrand a station, do I have to purchase signage from Liberty?
You are free to buy and install your own signage, as long as it conforms to Liberty standards, but you would be hard-pressed to find signs of comparable quality than those we provide. Thanks to our collective purchasing power, we can offer superior, long-lasting signage for a reasonable price.

What are your current credit card rates?
Credit cards are processed at a transaction fee of $0.0450 plus interchange pass-through. Pin debit settled transactions are processed at a transaction fee of $0.0450 plus pass-through (network fee, Pulse, Nice, etc.).
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