The Benefits of Flying the Liberty Flag

3. Low-Cost, Efficient Card Processing

After labor costs, the second biggest expense retailers face is credit and debit card fees. That's why Liberty has made it a priority to contract with one of the most responsive, efficient vendors in the nation—Citi Merchant Services and First Data—for our merchant processing program.

At the same time, we haven't been bashful. We've used our collective purchasing power to lock in excellent rates that are substantially better than those offered by the major oil companies, resulting in greater savings for our distributors.

These low rates not only protect your bottom line. They can enhance your price competitiveness at the pump.

Our Credit Card Rates


Liberty offers a low cost, efficient credit card processing program through First Data. A summary of Liberty's program rates:

  • Credit cards are processed at a transaction fee of $0.0475 plus interchange pass-through. Liberty's locations averaged a pass-through percentage of 1.71% of the transaction amount in 2015.
  • Pin debit settled transactions are processed at a transaction fee of $0.0825 plus pass-through (network fee, Pulse, Nice, etc.).

Our Credit Card Company Representatives


American Express Representative:

Michael Eddy
Senior Manager | Regional Client Group
American Express Merchant Services US. | Virginia, DC, West Virginia
Office: (804) 360-8207 | Mobile: (540) 729-8608 |

Low-Cost, Efficient Card Processing

"Liberty's credit card program provides me with the most competitive rates in the industry. Bottom line, Liberty provided a beautiful patriotic presentation and provided me the peace of mind to price competitively with anyone on my street daily."

Woodbury, New Jersey

From our Testimonials page


"Choosing Liberty as one of our suppliers has been one of the best decisions we have made. They have turned out to be a great partner."

Valdosta, Georgia

From our Testimonials page